Compnay Information

Company Information

  • Company Name :Advanced Creative Technology Co., Ltd.
    (Commonly used name : ACT)
  • Address of Head Office :Shibuya Yasuda Bldg.8F 1-8-3 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku,
    Tokyo Japan 150-0002
  • TEL:03-6868-7304
  • Web Site:
  • Contact:
  • Established:September 10 , 2002
  • Capital:14,000,000. yen
  • Directors: Nobuki Yamagata (Representative)
    Dr. Pedro V. Marcal
  • Business Outline
    • To produce, develop, import, export, sell and lease CAE
      software for computers

      • MPACT(Multi-Physics Adaptive Computer Technology)
      • Mpave(Multi-Physics Adaptive Visual Environment)
      • TrueGrid(Pre-Processor for Structure/Fluid Analysis
      • SpinFire(Digital Design Communication)
      • Piezoelectric Wafer Active Sensor (PWAS)
      • Strain Measurement using Wire-free Strain Gages
      • ANLAP(Natural Language Expert System)
    • To provide technology education&training relating to software
      • CAD/CAE entire training courses including workshop
        (Theory, know-how, workshop)
      • Specific technical research and education/training
      • Advanced training courses
    • To provide CAE-related consulting service
      • Customizing, editing, extending graphical user interface, applications, and data models to make effective use of industry-standard software tools or user specific FEA program
    • To provide CAE-related data processing service
    • To do any and all business incidental and relating to any of the foregoing